Intro A&P

Human Anatomy & Physiology 1- Available Lessons 

Introduction to Human Anatomy Physiology Introduction to Chemistry Cell Biology Cellular Metabolism Tissues Histology Integumentary System Skeletal System Joints and Articulations   Muscular System Nervous System

A&P 2

Human Anatomy & Physiology II - Available Lessons 


Endocrine System  Cardiovascular System Heart Blood Vessels Lymphatic System Respiratory System


Network+ Certification - Available Lessons

Network+ Introduction 

Tech in 10

Technology in 10

 Technology in 10


Weapons of Mass Destruction - Available Lessons

 CBRN Chemical Weapons


  • Mr. Ford is awesome!
  • He is an amazing professor that truly has a passion for teaching!!
  • Prof. Ford is the best of best A&P teacher ever!!! His Knowledge of A&P is amazingly excellent & exceptional.
  • Professor has the best interest of the students and wants students to succeed.
  • Hilarious, gives catchy ways to remember things, interactive, and straightforward!
  • Mr. Ford is by far the best professor I’ve even had. He makes learning fun and interesting.
  • Is the absolute best professor I have had throughout my entire college career!!!
  • Professor Ford made what I thought would be a scary class, super fun! I'm sort of a "lifer" student and this guy knows how to teach.